Why Can't Productivity Be Fun?

Although I know that you need a good dose of self-discipline to build good habits, I keep wondering if we could not help more from the outside. From this point of view, lately I am very interested in the concept of fun as a means of motivation.

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You Need a Map to Be Productive

Don’t worry if you occasionally feel a little lost in your personal organization. That is normal. Sometimes you may lose some control over what you are doing, and sometimes you can lose some perspective on what you have to do.

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How to Stop Living an Email-driven Life

These days it is very common to see many knowledge workers living their life around email. Email is not only where they communicate with others, but also where they organize their work and manage their tasks. Email is the base camp where everything they have to do is born, handled and killed.

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On Productivity, Words Matter

12 Tips to Keep Your To-do List Short, as Well as Useful

The main function of a to-do list is to get you organized and easy, knowing that you do not forget anything. But if you let it grow without care, it can produce an entirely different effect. A long list can ruin your sense of control and become a source of stress and frustration.

It is very difficult for you to focus on what you have to do when your to-do list is endless. Selecting the next task to do among hundreds of possible next actions is a rather overwhelming experience and, in these circumstances, it is likely you do not choose the most desirable option. Let’s face it, if you have a hundred tasks in your to-do list, you are not going to get them all done. You will do a few, and probably not the ones you should.

The shorter your next actions list is, the easier it will be for you to get focused on what you really need to do. Also, keep in mind that leaving every day a long pending to-do list has a negative psychological effect that will prevent you from fully enjoying your leisure time. It will seem like you have no right to have fun knowing you still have so much to do.

Therefore, in order to be really productive and keep stress at bay, you need a next actions list as short as possible. Here are a dozen tips that will help you achieve this in a smart way.

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